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As a registered and licensed dietitian, I have helped many people with weight loss, diabetes and preventative care mainly by teaching carbohydrate counting. Carbohydrate counting is a method that has been taught by dietitians for years to help those with diabetes control their blood sugar, weight and other health issues.The best kept secret is that this is the way we should ALL eat.

In my book, Your Best Health, I have compiled a program with easy to understand information and step-by-step instructions to help people reach both weight loss and blood sugar control while improving other health aspects such as cholesterol and blood pressure. The best part is it’s not terribly difficult or restrictive so almost anyone can use it.

While your Best Health is  helpful for most people, it is not appropriate for children under the age of 18, people with kidney disease, endurance athletes, pregnant or lactating women as these populations will have very different calorie/carbohydrate needs. The book’s content is not a substitute for direct, personal, professional medical care and/or diagnosis.

Did You Know Diets are Made to Make You Fail?

Diets are like a drug, they make you codependent. Once you stop using them, you gain the weight back and then you feel you have to go back to that diet. They leave you fantasizing about foods, binging, and then starting again from scratch. Think about it, you’re never really left feeling independent, healthy or happy.

Your Best Health is not a diet, it is a guide to help you arrive at your new lifestyle. You won’t be restricted or starved – you’ll be pleasantly surprised! You’ll be provided with the tools and education to help you construct healthy meals and snacks while navigating easily through our utterly confusing food industry.

What you and millions of other people may not know is that every diet you go on is setting you back 5 more steps from where you want to be.

On top of being miserable, crash and gimmick diets actually cause you to gain MORE weight and reduce your metabolic rate, thereby making it harder and harder to lose weight.

Years before I became a dietitian, I too was overweight. I was temporarily living in another country and the culture was much different than my own. I enjoyed large portions of food and did very little physical activity. Needless to say, it caught up to me quickly.

People often came out and told me, on a daily basis, that I was fat. They said I was so fat that my friends and family wouldn’t recognize me. They would even ask my friends, “Hasn’t she gotten fat?” I tried to explain that this hurt my feelings, but to them – in their culture, it was as casual and harmless as commenting on the weather. So the daily comments never stopped.

You can imagine how humiliated I felt. I was determined to lose the weight. I tried starving myself and working out daily but just found I was spinning my wheels – I wasn’t losing any weight and I was tired all of the time. When I got frustrated I would turn to food to comfort me and the cycle would begin again. Sound familiar?

When I returned to the states, I began to dig into scientific research that opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I started seeing the evidence that proved diets were not good long term solutions to weight management. I also noticed that carbohydrate, despite the bad reputation it’s gotten, is a huge contributor to maintaining a healthy body.

I started making small changes and suddenly I started feeling more comfortable and relaxed about my eating. The weight began to come off. After 6 months, I had returned to my original size -the size I was when I was young, before the weight piled on. However, the road was not easy, I was never completely sure about what I was eating.

When I discovered carbohydrate counting, I realized this was the structure I was looking for to help me build and maintain a strong and healthy body.  Since carbohydrates comprise the majority of our foods (starches, fruits, milk/yogurt and sweets), I was able to determine how much I needed at each meal to give me the appropriate energy and nutrition I needed for my lifestyle. Once I knew that, planning meals became easy.

It was at this point that I decided I wanted to educate others and teach them what I had learned. I wanted to become a dietitian. Over the past 10 years I’ve kept off the weight without ever trying another diet or lifestyle modification again.


Carbohydrates seem to be the evil doer in the eyes of most people. But the truth is that carbohydrates are an important part of maintaining a healthy body. Your body needs carbohydrates for normal brain and body function. Carbohydrates, when consumed in the appropriate amounts, will actually give you energy and facilitate weight loss.

Carbohydrate counting not only helps reduce weight, but also lays out the path for a healthy lifestyle; especially for people who struggle with blood sugar control, blood pressure, cholesterol or any other dietary related health issue.

In fact, losing just 5-10% of your body weight can improve your health significantly. Not only will it reduce your risk for chronic diseases related to obesity, but it can also improve your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

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Your Best Health is:

  • Tailored Especially for You. You’ll have unlimited access to a calorie and carbohydrate calculator that specifically individualizes your calories and carbohydrates based on your activity level, age, sex, height and weight. The calculator can be used for both weight loss and weight maintenance.
  • Professional, Reliable Guidance. The ebook provides step by step guidance on how to count carbohydrates and gives food lists, resources, and tips for maximizing weight loss and achieving and maintaining optimal health.
  • Support for Personal Goal Development. You’ll also receive additional tracking, planning and goal oriented tools to help you keep you on track and realize your success.
  • Offered only on my website are additional tools – 2 weeks worth of meal plans and grocery lists!

Your Best Health Ebook and 2 Week Meal Plan with Grocery Lists



(ebook, plans and grocery lists are in PDF format)

If you just want the ebook (available in other electronic formats) with no meal plans or grocery lists, you can purchase it for $6.99 at these retailers:Kindle at Amazon

To Your Health,

Mandy Seay, RD, LD, CDE

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